British epidemic prevention "B program" or monthly loss of 2 billion pounds

  According to Reuters, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on the 8th that "responding to new crown epidemic: Autumn and Winter Program" B program, the backup plan, etc. Quickly spread. However, the analysis stated that this may cause the British economy to have a monthly loss of 2 billion pounds.

  Johnson announced on the evening of the project, starting B plan in England, including the top 10, the theater, the cinema and other indoor public places must wear a mask; from the 13th, try to work at home; from 15 days, the prescription approval, vaccination Certificate, etc. will become a mandatory requirement of entering personnel gathering. On September 14 this year, the British government announced the "New Crown Epidemic: Autumn and Winter Program" in the British government, to deal with the risk of the epidemic in the coming months. Once the number of "reasonable" rises in the number of new crown patients lead to the "unsustainable pressure", the Government will start the B plan.

Johnson has previously said that the B program will bring more serious economic costs and greater social restrictions, so it will only be a prime program. Bloomberg Economics Research Senior British economist Dan Hansen wrote in a report: "Planning will crack down on retail and hotel departments, may have a monthly loss of 2 billion pounds per month.

"Dan Hansen uses the economic data in June, which is the last month of the last implementation of the work in home.

He expects that the British GDP will decrease approximately 1%, meaning in December. The British Zhicu Economic Affairs Institute (IEA) warned that new epidemic prevention restrictions may make the British economy lose 4 billion pounds per month, while taxpayers will pay for more urgent support expenses. The measures in the epidemic prevention B plan can be "easily" to reduce the British GDP 2%, and he urges the Minister of Finance to help the industries and companies that are subject to the new epidemic prevention. At the same time, the British Night Industrial Association (NTIA) warned that the B plan will produce "devastating effects" on the enterprise.

The British Small Enterprise Federation (FSB) warned that new epidemic prevention measures introduced during key festivals will affect small businesses that have been discontinued by 上海油压交流群 supply chain, inflation and shortage. After the news came out, the pound fell sharply.

Dan Hansen said that the news implemented by the B plan has also improved the possibility of the Bank’s interest rate hike time to February. CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News.

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