Constructing the Asia-Pacific Destiny Community Xi Jinping APEC Conference again

  (Top of China) Constructing the Asia-Pacific Destiny Common Top APEC Conference Re-Solution Beijing November 13 (Reporter Zhang Su Xingtu) "success never rely on the collective.

When the 爱上海贵族宝贝419 12th night, when he was in a video method, the Chinese President Xi Jinping quoted a pop-owlian saying in New Zealand, the APEC round value, once again called on members to promote the spirit of the big family and promote Constructing the Asia-Pacific Destiny Community and proposed "four work" to further construct the direction of the Asia-Pacific destiny.

  This observer said that this is a major multilateral event 闵行洗浴推油 that Xi Jinping’s chairman of Xi Jinping successfully attend the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly.

Previously he had a number of people in the Asia-Pacific region. For example, in 2019, he proposed to build an open inclusive, innovative growth, interconnection and cooperation, and win-win situation.

Further, "four work" is further proposed, which is the "re-issue question" that implements the APA Destinous Community.

  The Asia-Pacific region has always been an important growth in the world economy. At present, the Century Epidemic Conception is overlapped in the 10-year change, and Asia Pacific is a severe test of the epidemic continued to raging and economic recovery.

In this context, it is more important to emphasize the Community of the Asia-Pacific Destiny.

  "The territory of the Asia-Pacific region is very different, the level of economic growth and economic structure is very different, but the complementaryness of each other is extremely strong, and the interests brought about by cooperation are much better than singularity, and the Asia-Pacific fate community is therefore greatly recognized.

"Jiang Yuechun, a researcher in China, said that in particular, under the impact of the epidemic, the Asia-Pacific region further realized that the fate of the human beings was closely connected, and the co-construction of the Asia-Pacific Destiny can be said to be a general trend.

  Looking back at history, the reason why the Asia-Pacific region has been maintained for a longer period of time, which is benefited from the Asia-Pacific partnership between the construction of mutual trust, inclusion, cooperation, and win-win. Under the eyes, all members of the Asia-Pacific should look for common deals in cooperation. Zhang Zongze, executive vice president of China International Problem, noted that last year’s "2040 Asia-Pacific Oil Burgia Vision" was proposed, and an open, energetic, tough, peaceful Asia-Pacific community was built from 2040. The "four work" proposed at the Summit of the Chinese Leaders provided more operatively in the 2040 Budragaria vision. From a specific expression analysis, "promoting anti-drug cooperation and economic recovery", this is the most important task of the members of the Asia-Pacific members, supporting anti-vloys and efforts to form anti-hypogtransformation; to achieve economic sustainable recovery, we must insist on open this " The lifeline of Asia-Pacific cooperation "," Building an Open Asia-Pacific Economy ", achieving inter-regional linkage development. In addition, "promoting innovation growth and digital economic development" "to achieve sustainable development" is based on reality, focusing on long-term development path, "adhere to the innovative driving direction" "persistence and natural harmony," can we be Asia Pacific Regional development prosperity and continuous injection of new motivation.

  "This ‘four work’ is the most important issue in the current and future time." Chen Fengying, a researcher of China Modern International Relations Research Institute, said, "four work", how to implement the 2040 Paberta vision, It is expected to realize the symptoms and the role in the common topics facing anti-epidemic, stable economic, and all parties such as life.

  "For example, in terms of economic and technical cooperation, China advocates an increase in investment, ensuring that developing members will benefit from it.

A series of expressions are equally realized in the Asia-Pacific region, and the needs of all parties will play an important role in the development of Asia-Pacific economic recovery and long-term development.

"Chen Fengying said. It is also worth noting that this year, this year, China has joined the 30th anniversary of the Asia-Pacific OECD.

In the view of the scholar, it is stringing in the crisis. To cooperate with the intensity, it is closely combined with the development of regional development. It is open to the overall opening of the region, which is China since Joined the APEC in 1991. .

  As an example of fighting the epidemic, in the face of the world’s 100-year unsuccessful epidemics, China has been adhering to the concept of vaccines as public products, and has provided a free vaccination donation to more than 110 countries, providing a vaccine over 1.7 billion doses. At this meeting, China emphasized that it will continue to support the Asia-Pacific OECD to provide support to the Epidemic and Economic Recovery, help members to restore and develop the economy. Looking forward to the future, a comprehensive way to modern China will bring greater opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region. Observer noted that this year is a hundred years of Chinese people, the 19th National Sixth Plenary Session has just ended. In such a special node, China’s highest leaders issued a strong signal to the world at the APEC meeting, 浦东品茶工作室 "China will unswervingly expand the opening of the opening, sharing China and Asia Pacific members." "This clearly shows that opening is China’s long-term goals, revealing the firm determination of China’s opening.

"Yu Zongze said that China adheres to the construction of the Asia-Pacific Destiny Community, and proposes a series of policy propositions that deepen regional cooperation.

Only this, the Asia-Pacific region can be said to the gross profit, and go to the new success.