Beijing legislative regulatory housing rental market directs young people rent a pain point

  Recently, the Thirty-fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National People’s Congress of Beijing was considered in the "Beijing Municipal Housing Leasing Regulations (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the Bill "). "It is necessary" is the word that the committee is frequently mentioned when discussing this draft.

  The Beijing housing rental market is huge, and the housing lease relationship is complex, and the rental disputes are frequent. Black intermediary, unsafe group rent, rent is invisible, etc., the chaos of the young people are even more young people’s rental pain points.

  In 2017 and 2020, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development was commended on the "Housing Leasing Ordinance".

In August this year, Beijing released the Beijing Housing Leasing Regulations (Draft for Comment) "," the house is used to live, not used to stir-fry ", and improve the" rental and purchase "and other written regulations.

  "This legislation highlights the livelihood attribute of housing.

"Director of the Beijing Justice Bureau said. In terms of rent regulation, Article 56, the housing rent is significantly or may be significantly increased, and the Beijing Municipal Government can take price increase, limited rental or rental gains. Intervention measures, stabilize the rent level. The reporter discovered that the discovery of the "necessary commissions or rent guidance prices" in August this year in August this year, the steps will be more Sent firm. For the "Fancy Charge" of different housing leasing companies, the Bill puts forward that the deposit charged to the tenant will generally not exceed one month rent, and the provision passed the third-party special account; single charge The amount, generally not more than 3 months, the over-income rent should be included in the supervision. The "rental gold loan" of Zengrel is also specially mentioned. Article 33 of the Bill stipulates that housing leasing companies must not induce lesks to use housing rent loans Or include rent loans related to rent loans in the housing lease contract.

  For the housing quality, the Bill requires the minimum rental unit with the original planned room, it is not allowed to change the internal structure of the house; the living room must not be rented separately, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, storage room and other non-living use space Rental is used in living. Among the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee in the afternoon of November 24, many committees believe that the 上海水磨实体店 Bill has highlighted in strengthening management.

The reporter found that from the comment on the comment to the Bill, the name "cultivation and development" is changed to "cultivation and supervision and management". Hao Zhilan, director of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Outlook, Hao Zhilan, the Bill fills the management gap, and standardizes the behavior of housing rental enterprises. While improving the behavior of traditional real estate brokerage, the housing rental business is incorporated into supervision and management, for long-term rental apartment, illegal "fund pool", raises rent, seizes the housing, etc., clear housing rental Enterprises set up registration, listing information release, netcase, deposit hostess, and fund supervision. "The big 上海龙凤1314 advancement of the Regulations is to emphasize the filing of housing leasing companies, and requires the ability to match their operating scale, which makes management.

"Beijing Real Estate Intermediary Industry Association Secretary Zhao Qingxiang said.

  The Bill is clear, Beijing will establish a unified "housing lease management service platform", connect contract filing and rental registration.

Encourage the lessor, the lessee is signed online through the platform and register for the record.

The housing rental enterprises should be signed through the platform network.

The platform will sign the signing information synchronization with the public security organ.

  During the review process, members have suggested that some of the issues in the Bill need to continue to improve. According to the Bill, the management of the housing lease market will sink to the grassroots governance system, establish a governance architecture of urban overall management, street township, and residents.

However, members believe that the Bill is not sufficient to explain this part, worrying about disputes, and the parties are unclear. The various division of the company and other regulatory entities such as residential construction, public security, market supervision bureau. The Bill stipulates that the housing and urban and rural construction department or the housing competent department shall be responsible for housing lease comprehensive supervision and management and housing lease management, real estate brokerage industry management.

  Chen Yong, the supervision of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, Chen Yong worried that the risk prevention is a certain difficulty by the housing construction such industry sector, and the industry sector forms violations of funds through the "long-term" "long-collected" way. The response of capital information such as the pool is not particularly sensitive, but it is also difficult to supervise the financial sector. He suggested that the Ordinance should further increase the content prevention of financial risks.

  Zhao Qingxiang also listed some problems: how the housing leasing industry credit system has been established; the housing of the housing rental, long-term arrears of rental tenants, "bad people" on these markets are used to supervise; housing rental services Based on the real name, the person should do not implement the qualification entry system. "Good law, good governance, should take into account fairness and efficiency, and must manage the normative enterprises, the difficulties of the black intermediary, individual second landlords, etc., only this can make the industry more standardized, make the market more efficient, let the people are more satisfied Zhao Qingxiang said.

  Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net reporter Zhang Ying Source: China Youth Daily.